Sunday, 20 November 2016


Life has always been a roller coaster ride

Some choose to flow with and some against the tide

People whom we want in our life and choose to proceed

And some leave us at that bliss which is very agonising to concede

In the end we have to move on with ourselves gambling between truth and lies in this rough terrain

No matter how many times we fall we choose to rise again

The only way for my conscience and soul to converge

Is only discovered when I start fading at the verge

The daunting death exploiting my courage to stay alive

And struggling hard so that my heart doesnt skip a beat till you arrive

The unforgettable memories flowing at that very moment from my irrevocable past I left behind

Which I wish to change no matter how much I regret and miss them each and everytime

I will retaliate to protect you with my shattering strength till death do us apart

Even at my dying breath you will always continue to reign in my rapid racing heart