Sunday, 8 February 2015

My first poem

I wrote this during my school days and it happened to be one of my best words. It might sound a little bit exaggerated but it's something which I have enjoyed writing for a while.

#1    "Never you say that we will move apart 
                   As it is a truth that you are the queen of my heart"

Saturday, 7 February 2015

#5 "The presence of the lonely evening star
      A relief to the wounded scar
     Under the light of the crescent moon

     The flowers ready for the day to bloom
     Time spending with your first crush

     And falling for her eternal blush

    A thrill from your lover's first kiss

    Makes ones life glide in that eternal bliss

   Making you feel the immortality in love

   Which isn't enough to feel in this mortal life

   But can make you do anything for her who is the love of your life

   Which is indescribable in God's creativity

   Even isn't enough to express your feelings towards her in poetry

   Let the day rain or the moon shine

  It doesn't differ to me as you're always mine"

My collections:


#2  "Someday there is an end to this mystic world
        But there is never an end about the thoughts of my dream girl"

#3  "Forgive me for being a liar

        Forgive me for breaking your heart
        But don't forgive me if you think that I have committed a sin by loving you
        Because true and eternal love is only committed by a few"

#4 "You are the most beautiful girl that I have always dreamed of

       You might have come across these words a million times
       I'm not a romantic guy who can charm you by words 
       But I've got one thing to say
       You're the east
       You're the west
       For me you're the best"