Sunday, 11 January 2015

My main intention

Every human has feelings but most of them happen to cover them up with a disguise which has many names. They intend to behave in their own way but some feel the lack of that freedom.
Such people try to find their own in many forms. Eventually, they find what they need and stay happy. Such is mine and everyone's story, a quest to achieve what they are good at. 

It's quite common that everyone falls in love and feel pain, but each one has his own way of expression, which bounds me to the interest of filling their emptiness or the happiness which he/she felt with my words. 

This is also the primary reason that has encouraged me to open this blog so that it can be a common podium for everyone to share his/her feelings with me and in return you can reach out to your beloved ones with my poem but with your feel. 

These words are my ambiguous feelings which I have expressed with a sincere spontaneity. I hope these words might help you connect with yours too.