Sunday, 20 November 2016


Life has always been a roller coaster ride

Some choose to flow with and some against the tide

People whom we want in our life and choose to proceed

And some leave us at that bliss which is very agonising to concede

In the end we have to move on with ourselves gambling between truth and lies in this rough terrain

No matter how many times we fall we choose to rise again

The only way for my conscience and soul to converge

Is only discovered when I start fading at the verge

The daunting death exploiting my courage to stay alive

And struggling hard so that my heart doesnt skip a beat till you arrive

The unforgettable memories flowing at that very moment from my irrevocable past I left behind

Which I wish to change no matter how much I regret and miss them each and everytime

I will retaliate to protect you with my shattering strength till death do us apart

Even at my dying breath you will always continue to reign in my rapid racing heart

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Always love and expect nothing in return

It never made any sense to my life until the day I met you my dear gorgeous

A realisation which reflected to fulfill my purpose

We came across each other by God's destiny

I wish you could hold on to my empty hand and begin a new journey

You be my cloak and I will be your dagger

And I will always try to protect you no matter how much I stagger

I maybe by God's creation a man of steel

But you are my impenetrable shield and also my Achilles heel

Monday, 8 June 2015

This is dedicated to that person whom I once loved the most:

"Love made me happy 
  love made me sad
 Finally love made me blind leaving me in the shadowed and lonely darkness
 The time which I had spent with you
 I was unable to discover the truth about you
 Now I lost my trust on love and I gave up loving the love which I had seen in you" 

Friday, 8 May 2015

This poem might feel a little bit weird but it is good

Never felt the shiver of your passionate hands making me feel the heat
Never felt the thumping so fast of my silent heart beat
Our rapport is just like music 'n' lyrics
And my love towards you doesn't obey the newtons laws in physics
The charm in you so majestic and divine
That I even lose my presence of mind.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My first poem

I wrote this during my school days and it happened to be one of my best words. It might sound a little bit exaggerated but it's something which I have enjoyed writing for a while.

#1    "Never you say that we will move apart 
                   As it is a truth that you are the queen of my heart"

Saturday, 7 February 2015

#5 "The presence of the lonely evening star
      A relief to the wounded scar
     Under the light of the crescent moon

     The flowers ready for the day to bloom
     Time spending with your first crush

     And falling for her eternal blush

    A thrill from your lover's first kiss

    Makes ones life glide in that eternal bliss

   Making you feel the immortality in love

   Which isn't enough to feel in this mortal life

   But can make you do anything for her who is the love of your life

   Which is indescribable in God's creativity

   Even isn't enough to express your feelings towards her in poetry

   Let the day rain or the moon shine

  It doesn't differ to me as you're always mine"

My collections:


#2  "Someday there is an end to this mystic world
        But there is never an end about the thoughts of my dream girl"

#3  "Forgive me for being a liar

        Forgive me for breaking your heart
        But don't forgive me if you think that I have committed a sin by loving you
        Because true and eternal love is only committed by a few"

#4 "You are the most beautiful girl that I have always dreamed of

       You might have come across these words a million times
       I'm not a romantic guy who can charm you by words 
       But I've got one thing to say
       You're the east
       You're the west
       For me you're the best"